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Natural Environment

Nature has blessed the village of Drymou with its most beautiful colours. Rich vegetation with wild bushes and flowers spread on the uncultivated expanses of the village, this way acquiring a unique beauty. 

At the community of Drymou one can encounter stretches of land covered with olive trees, vineyards and almonds, which when blossoming create a wonderful image. Some of the plants, weeds and bushes which grow in Drymou and which are presented by Yiannis Miliatou are presented in the following table.   

Anemone Artichoke thistles Mosphilla
Oleander Marrow Mulberry
Bramble Garland Chrysanthemum Tomato
Cyprian Donkey Thistles White Mustard Cistaceae
Common Golden Thistles Bunch Flowered Narcissus Cyprus Broom
Caper bush Mallow Thyme
Watermelon Terebinth Bladder Campion

In the old years, the land of Drymou used to be sown with grains and all other products which, as Yiannis Miliatou underscores, were necessary for the family, even though the land was also suitable for the cultivation of vines. Poverty prevented the cultivation of vines and as a result one did not encounter many vineyards in the area apart from those which belonged to rich estate owners until the 60s. At the same time, the residents of Drymou also dealt with olive cultivation. According to Miliatou, not many residents owned olive trees so they tried to rent some from the church since in this way they would be able to have the olives and olive oil they needed to cover their nutritional needs.    


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