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Drymou is located approximately 27 kilometres northeast of the city of Pafos and it is built on an average altitude of 495 metres. 

The village spreads on two steep slopes which are separated by a narrow valley. What’s more, while walking along the village one encounters several streams, among them being the stream of “Kampouras”, the stream of “Laourkou” and the stream of “Merika”. 

In the village one can admire neighbourhoods with houses of popular architecture, as well as a church dedicated to Metamorphosis of Sotiros. Moreover, there are also some stretches of land covered in grains. In spring, this land acquires a green colour which changes into a golden one in the summer. Finally, one can also find some vineyards and almond trees in the village. More: Natural Environment


The name of the village is linked to the ancient word “drymos”. According to the Great Cyprus Encyclopaedia, the word refers to a place full of oak trees (“dryes” in Greek). What is noteworthy is that three cities used to be named “Drymos” in ancient Greece.     


Year Number of Residents Year Number of Residents
1881 217 1946 323
1891 258 1960 274
1901 281 1973 236
1911 305 1976 212
1921 272 1982 156
1931 272 2001 92

From 1881 until 2001, as this is presented in the table on the right, the populating course of Drymou showed various fluctuations. From 1446 onwards, the population of Drymou gradually began to decrease, reaching a low of 92 residents today. 


In our village there have been discoveries of inscriptions in syllabic writing which constitute dedications to god Apollon Ylatis. According to the Great Cyprus Encyclopaedia, these findings have led to the assumption that a sanctuary dedicated to Appollon Ylatis, who was worshipped as the god and protector of flora and more particularly timber, used to be located in Drymou. Unfortunately, the existence of the sanctuary has not been confirmed by an archaeological research.  

The silk products of Drymou

It is worth mentioning that Drymou used to be well-known for its silk products and its textiles. It appears that the village was in fact famous for the production of silk and silk products since, as the Great Cyprus Encyclopaedia preserves, a foreign visitor who came to the village in 1853 actually refers to this fact. 


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