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Scheduled Projects:

  • Reformation of the area and buildings of the Primary School and conversion of them into a cultural centre and more specifically a Youth Centre.
  • Construction of public lavatories at the church forecourt to serve the visitors and residents of the area.
  • Creation of a playground at the square of the COOP of Simous. The land will be conceded by the COOP of Simous for free.
  • Creation of an excursion site at the location “Dasoudi” within the community.
  • Reformation of the area at the entrance of the community with tree- planting and by placing a fountain.  
  • Registration of agricultural roads.
  • Naming of streets within the community.
  • Promotion of a series of acts – e.g. organisation of excursions and church goings to nearby monasteries - aiming to improve the elderly’s quality of life.
  • Construction of a View Spot at the location above the water reservoir of the village.
  • Master Plan Study.  


Drymou Community Council


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