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Completed Projects:

  • Community Council’s Buildings.
  • Reconstruction and lining of the old fountains with stone.
  • Construction of retaining walls in various areas of the community and lining of the walls with stone (lining surface: 800 square metres).
  • Replacement of rainwater sewers.
  • Routing of a new 500-metre-long agricultural road.
  • Construction of flower gardens in various areas of the Community.
  • Cementing of 1500-metre-long agricultural roads.
  • Placement of large garbage bins.
  • Creation of a website.
  • Installation of railings along roads (230 metres).
  • Placement of mirrors at crossroads.
  • Widening of Community roads.
  • Construction of a road leading to the poor families’ plots. The road has undergone premix overlaying.
  • Placement of benches in various points in the community.
  • Execution of maintenance works along the Nature Trail.
  • Construction and placement of stony signs “welcoming” and “wishing goodbye” to visitors. 


Drymou Community Council


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